Travel Day

We are traveling to St. Augustine, Florida today. This is one of our favorite places. We stay near the Golf World Hall of Fame, only about 16 miles out of downtown St. Augustine. It’s been a few weeks or longer since we took a trip. Trips are dangerous to your diet. We always have plans, but sometimes they just don’t work out the way you planned. That’s the way it goes for us. We usually go somewhere in the morning such as to the beach and we are out during lunchtime. So we grab a bite somewhere which might not be on plan.

We might take a walk through downtown St. Augustine.  The street is solely for pedestrians. There are many places to eat. We do have our favorites. We pass, at least try to pass, the popcorn store with all it’s varieties of popcorn. There are the ice cream shops, and the fudge shops. I think they all have a vent blowing the tantalizing smells out into the walkway. At least we walk a lot when we’re here. Makes up for some of the poor food choices we might make. Maybe this time we won’t make any poor choices. We do have a nice place in Ponte Vedra to get a salad, a good healthy grilled chicken salad.

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