Excuse – Too Many Events Coming Up

Excuse – too many events coming up. We had a lot of traveling in March, April, and May. This could easily have been our excuse. In fact, it was very difficult. Most of us have lots going on in our lives. Some have a heavy social calendar. It’s easy to think that these things will interfere with going on a weight loss diet. Well, they do present challenges, no doubt. This is going to happen regardless of whether you go on a diet or not. If you postpone it, you just keep adding to the weight problem. To add the cherry to the sundae these events will also add to your weight problem, if you don’t have a plan.

When we travel, we have a travel diet plan. Yes, it doesn’t always work out, but it goes better for us than if we have no plan. Most events involve eating. Birthdays, holidays, church functions, and meeting friends normally have that component of food. That’s when your plan comes in. You develop a strategy for eating during these events. Cut me the smallest piece of birthday cake. I’ll split that with my wife. There are plenty of ways to maintain a weight loss diet and still enjoy the events. No excuses, please.

Getting Back To The Basics
Excuse - I Just Look At Food And Gain Weight