Excuse – The Bread And Butter Comes With The Meal

Excuse – the bread and butter comes with the meal. On special occasions, we go to O’Charley’s restaurant and the first thing they do is bring out their yeast rolls and butter. Now most diets won’t have these on their plans. However, they come with the meal. I didn’t grow up during the Great Depression, but my parents did. My Dad was particularly frugal. We ate out very seldom but if there was “free” bread, he would have his share. He would always order chopped steak, which my Mom said he liked, but it was the cheapest thing on the menu. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

We have on occasion told O’Charley’s not to bring out any bread. I think I’m a little like my dad and saying that is hard. Eating one is also hard. The correct thing to do is tell them ‘no bread’. It adds unneeded calories. On Wednesday, it free pie day. It’s interesting that the place is packed and people are waiting on free pie Wednesdays. I guess it’s not surprising that people flock to ‘free’. It’s the same on ‘all you can eat’ meals as well. This is one excuse though hard to do away with, but we need to eliminate from our diet vocabulary and practice. Notice I said “We.”

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