Excuse – I Just Look At Food And Gain Weight


Excuse – I can’t look at food without gaining weight. Yeah, looking puts on the weight. The problem is that looking leads to grabbing. I don’t know how many times someone brought in something to eat and left it in the break room. I don’t think I passed up anything. I will be the first to admit that for the weight challenged person, it’s hard to pass up something good. I mentioned a brownie because they are the metaphor for all good things and the difficulty in passing on it. I was always taking a detour through the break room to check out any food left there.

During Halloween, people were bringing in all their leftover candy and some of their kids candy just to get rid of it. I always said if you want to get rid of food but can’t throw it away, take it to work because coworkers will eat anything you bring. Therefore, the answer to of looking at food is don’t, don’t look at it. Don’t go through the break room. Don’t look at the cookies in the bank entrance. Turn from the dessert counter at Panera or Atlanta Bread Company. Don’t stop at the cupcake place. Don’t look and you won’t see, thereby won’t gain weight.


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